How I Found the Best Collagen Supplements UK Brand for my Healthy Skin: My Story

Today I thought we could talk about how to choose the collagen supplements if you are living in the United Kingdom. All right so since becoming a trim healthy mama and then I went on keto for a while and then we got pregnant and I went back to this standard UK diet. I have been interested in various collagen supplements and I have never tried the trim healthy mama integral collagen. But I have tried several other brands that I wanted to sort of talk through a little bit. I’ve gotten all of these off of Amazon UK.

I’ve gotten various like coupons and waited for them to go on sale and I try really hard not to pay more than about £20. I really try hard not to pay more than that because you know you can buy some pretty expensive colleges supplement out there and what I have discovered is most of these College perform equally well for me. Personally I think your mileage may vary and certain colleges may or may not work as well for you as others. But this has been my experience the first collagen that I tried was from vital proteins and gosh that must have been back in 2019. That is probably one of the more expensive brands that I have personally tried and I read their review is good. I searched in google best collagen supplements UK  and found the list of some good brand.

I think it was around £18 for a 10-ounce jar and it was very good quality.  I appreciated it that it didn’t have any kind of a taste or any kind of an odour. It was good collagen but I could not justify the price tag for that one. So then in 2020, I tried out the HARVEY & COCO collagen supplement 8 and that was another good one. And right now on Amazon, you can get that one for around £18 per pound and that was a good collagen supplement as well.  You can swallow it nicely but that’s still a little high for my personal preference.

Then I tried bulk supplements which it’s a white bag. I’ll try to put a picture of it somewhere up here and it’s got like a little red man and it’s red lettering. I’m pretty sure that was made in the UK. They’ve got a lot of various products that you can order through them. It never once said that it was grass-fed grass-finished kosher, I mean I think it was kosher but grass-fed pasture-raised and it never said where the cows came from. It was bovine collagen though so I do know that. So I tried that one for a while and its price tag was pretty good actually. It was around £17 so that one was fine.

I did see some benefits like on my skin, nail and hair from it and then I found some really good deals on Amazon. One of those deals was this right here root vitality collagen peptides this is Garrett grass-fed pasture-raised. It specifically tells you that there bovine came from South America. It doesn’t specifically say that it was Brazil or anything specific to that effect but it does tell you that it was pasture-raised grass-fed. It does not tell you that it was that they were grass-finished. So the likelihood is that they have been finished off with grain or corn of some kind which what are you gonna do.

So I got a couple of these and I think I paid around  £15 with that coupon from Amazon. I don’t think they’re that cheap now yeah. I got these for an insane price tag and I think I paid around £10 for each of these. So I hope this encourages you to test out a few different collagen supplements for yourself see what kind of deals you can find. I think personally if you can find grass-fed grass-finished collagen powder and I hope this will help you in some way to choose the best collagen supplements.

Which Collagen Supplements Types You Should Buy

I’m gonna talk to you a bit about collagen. It is actually an incredible you know supplement and food source and we’re gonna get into a bit of the reason why.  I’m gonna write another article also on the specific health benefits of collagen. But today we’re gonna actually just talk about the basics you know the science explained behind collagen.  So at this point collagen is actually really prevalent you know out in the market I went. I looked on the Amazon and it shows up and you know the top ten there’s actually multiple different colleges and the top ten supplements on Amazon. You know there’s a lot of awareness around it and that’s for good reason it’s really useful for a lot of different reasons.

You also might see it outside of the supplement market but over in you know body lotions that sort of stuff people use it for their skin, collagen is actually the most abundant protein in our bodies especially type 1 collagen. Its found in muscles, bone,s skin, blood vessels, digestive system and tendons and it’s basically the key component of your skin that gives it that elasticity. So people that have low collagen levels typically have you know saggy or skin or wrinkles and that sort of thing. You are ageing so rapidly reaction muscle and joint pain weight and this can’t be right. Also when it comes to your joints and your tendons it basically acts like a glue helps hold things together.

So collagen is really important you know optimized naturally and to consume from food sources. So your body like basically as you get older because the deficiencies people start to show signs of ageing and it’s actually those signs of ageing that we all think about. You know wrinkles, saggy skin and joint pain that sort of stuff is all actually do to lower collagen levels. So that kind of thing you know if you supplement with collagen it’ll help. So let’s look at some of the different types of collagen supplement you can buy.

What we’re looking at here so pro collagen it’s basically in the Journal of supermolecular structure. They said collagen and most tissues of higher animals and in many tissues of lower animals takes a form of a rope with a high degree of order like a rope which has several levels of coiling that call fibril. It has for structural levels of which at least three are coils the polypeptide chain the molecule and the microfibril are helical structures the fibril may consist of a parallel or perhaps coiled microfibrils. So that’s kind of like the structure of collagen you want to make sure the coil is nice and tight it’s superabundant animal tissues. Now there’s a lot of people that watch read this article that is vegan or plant-based and I’ll try it when the in the food source article.

I’ll help with that but you know it’s very easy to find abundant in the animal. There’s actually 16 types of collagen within the human body you have type 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 and most of the collagen through between 80 and 90 % of collagen actually just type 1 2 or 3. Type 1 basically accounts for 90% of the body’s supply according to some studies. So let’s look at the difference between the different types of collagen here I mentioned. A couple of types we’re gonna look at type 1, 2 type 3 type 4, 5 and 10. Alright so like I said type 1 is the most abundant in the body it’s basically the strongest and it’s made up of a specific type of fibres that are called Sno philic fibres that form you know tendons ligaments organs and your skin.

Basically you want to definitely make sure you’re not deficient in type 1 collagen because it’s also found in the GI tract. So it can you know heal your body in many many different ways. Type 2 collagen is primarily its focus is helping to build cartilage you know connective tissue cartilage. So joint health really relies on the type 2 collagen. Now type 3 collagen is made up of certain fibres that make up organs and skin. So for those specific purposes, you definitely want to make sure it like foreskin. Type 3 is really important also it helps the tissues like the heart tissue blood vessels. So it’s really helping your circulatory system as well.

type 4 collagen basically helps it’s found in the endothelial cells. so it helps form the basal lamina. muscles fat organs basically the basal lamina is needed for nerve and blood vessel function. so you know again we’re talking about the circulatory system, we’re talking about the nervous system. it also helps with the digestive tract.

alright, type 5 is a specific type of collagen that basically makes up the surface of the cell as well as hair strands and tissue found in the woman’s placenta. That’s again very important and actually, a lot of people talk about the benefits of collagen for hair growth. So the type 5 is what helps with that and then type 10 we’re looking at helping with bone formation and cartilage. It’s a bit of overlap there.

So those are the main types of collagen and basic overview of collagen where you can find it and the scientific definition of it.

Collagen: the best supplement for soft skin!

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